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Hi…. I am Sri Murni, but you can call my familiar name, MENIX. I am a family travel blogger here. I do love family picnic and writing very much. You can find my detail below.



Name                                    : Sri Murni, SIP, MIA

Address                                : Bengkong Harapan 2, Block J, No. 31, Batam

Place/Date of Birth               : Tebing Tinggi (North Sumatera), 12 January 1981

Marital Status                       : Married

Cell Phone                            : +6285264558817

Email                                    : menix.riyadi@gmail.com

Blog                                     : www.menixnews.com and www.menixnews.wordpress.com



2012 : Graduated from Master of Art (International Affairs) from Graduate Studies in

International Affairs (GSIA), The Australian National University (ANU)

2007 : Graduated from International Relations University of Riau

1999 : Graduated from Sandhy Putra Tourism High School, Medan

1996 : Graduated from Government Junior High School, Tebing Tinggi

1993 : Graduated from Government Primary School, Tebing Tinggi



2004 – 2018: Journalist and editor of Tribun Batam Newspaper

2014 – 2016 : Part time lecturer in Universitas Putera Batam (UPB)

2007 – present : Part time lecturer in Politeknik Negeri Batam

2002 – 2002 : Journalist of Riau Television, Pekanbaru



1. One of the writers a book “Neng Koala: Kisah-kisah Mahasiswi Indonesia di Australia”,

Gramedia, 2018)

2. Researcher and writer of a children book “Hang Tuah, Ksatria Melayu”, in process for

publishing by Gramedia (this project is conducted by Department of Education National)

3. One of the writers a book “Jelajah Kepri : Catatan Para Blogger”, published by Leotika Prio

4. Data and research team of a book “A Journal to Batam (Catatan Survei Mice di Batam),

published by PT In Mark Creatindo, Batam, 2008.

5. One of the researchers and writers of a book “22 Jurnalis Cerita Tentang Perempuan, Orientasi

Seks, dan HIV/AIDS”, published by LP3Y, Yogyakarta, 2006.

6. One of the writers a book “Dari UNRI Menebar Karya”, published by UNRI PRESS, 2003.

7. Researchers and writers of a thesis “Potensi Investasi di Batam dalam Era Special Economic

Zone (SEZ), 2000-2006.

8. One of the researchers and writers of a research project “Perdagangan Lintas Batas Riau-

Malaysia, Studi Kasus Kabupaten Bengkalis”, 2002.

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