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Ansvin Academy

Ansvin Academy: Character-based International School in Batam

MOMS and DADS, do you aware that our kids  have harder education burdens nowadays than before?

After school hour, many of them must take several additional courses, such as: English, Math, and Physics to improve their knowledge and skills. Some other kids also must joint several clubs for their hobbies, for instance: music, swimming, football, basketball, and many others.

The challenges in this globalization era are not easy for them. Therefore, we must prepare our kids as good as it should be to win the live competition.

What we can do basically is choosing the best school for their education. What is the best school? In my opinion, the best school is an institution which is not only able to improve academically, but also children’s character.

Because our kids spend their time mostly in school, the formation of the character of the children is strongly influenced by the school environment, both from the teaching method in the school, and the environment of children’s friends.

That’s why, before sending our kids to a school, Moms and Dads must consider deeply and make sure about the way teaching methods applied in the school.

Undoubtedly, every single parent does not want to hear impolite words after going home from school. And, I am pretty sure that Moms and Dads will not happy to see the children become rude and show unpleasant behavior.

Even sadder, if the children experience bullying and violence both physically, psychically and mentally. These are some reasons why we must be very careful in choosing a school.

Ansvin Academy

In Batam, there is a character-based international school, Ansvin Academy, located in Jl. Raja Fisabilillah (behind Resto Saung Sunda Sawargi) Batam Center. 

Last month, I visited this school with a colleague, Pak Tedja. We met some students,  principle, and some parents. We talked to them and got some interesting information about teaching methods in this school.

The curriculum taught at Ansvin Academy is a curriculum from the United States, named ACE (Accelerated Christian Education).

ACE curriculum is also known as the School of Tomorrow. This Bible-based Christian education was developed by Dr. Donald and Mrs. Howard from USA in 1973.

Nowadays, this method  widely used by schools in 145 countries around the world. In 1976, the program came to Australia and New Zealand and widespread throughout the South Pacific Region and Indonesia.

In Indonesia, there are about 42 schools that use this system. Ansvin Academy in Batam is one of them.

Independent Learning and Full English

All the activities and the lessons at Ansvin Academy use English and there are additional classes of Mandarin.

This school also implements independent learning as the main system of Ansvin Academy. In practice, every single day, every student will be given some reading materials based on their grads.

In the class, they study individually. One or two teachers will be their guardians and facilitator. If the pupils have any problem or difficulty to solve the exercises, they will be assisted by the teacher.

By implementing this independent learning, it’s believed  that it will develop children’s creativities and initiatives. Pupil’s mentality are built in such a way that they become brave children, not ashamed to ask questions and able to carry out tasks that are given.

The book becomes the first teacher for the children. Whereas, the teachers become the facilitator in the class.

Vision and Mission

To prepare students to face global challenges and equip them with the best academic and character to take on each opportunity in the future

And the mission of this school are:

1. Organize and teach students with full sincerity and high dedication

2. Fosters students in a good Godly Bible-based character and academic

3. Improve self-discipline for all students and staff of the school

4. Guide and develop student’s talents and interests

5. Increase the competence of students to step up unto the highest level

5. Improve student competency to move to the highest level.

Facilities at Ansvin Academy

Ansvin Academy concerns very much to various children needs for supporting their activities at school. Ansvin provides many comfortable facilities, such as:

  1. Assembly Hall
  2. Basket Ball Court
  3. CCTV 24 Hours
  4. Cleaning Service
  5. Computer
  6. School Bus
  7. Playground
  8. Cafeteria
  9. Library
  10. Music Class
  11. Parking Area
  12. Security 24 Hours

Testimony from Parent

One of the students’ parents said that previously, her boy had  received some education in other schools, but the boy often ridiculed and bullied by his schoolmates.

It made his parent worried about the mental development of the boy. Then the parents decided to move him to Ansvin Academy. What is the next development since the schoolboy at Ansvin Academy? Please watch the full video below:


Address of Ansvin Academy :
Jl. Raja Fisabilillah (Belakang Resto Saung Sunda Sawargi) Batam Center – Kepri
Telp : 0778-4168777 –
Mobile : +62 812 7008 5005
Website : Ansvin Academy

written by Sri Murni

Photos and video by sujantotedja


  1. There are many options now out there so parents can choose which school they think best for their kids. Not like us in the past. Good that now Batam also have some

  2. Sekolah karakter penting di era sekarang
    di saat anak anak perlu didikan dengan karakter yang kuat
    karena nilai akademis bukan yang utama saat ini

  3. You are absolutely right. By choosing the school which has good teaching methode, the kids will has good academic knowledge and develop good character.

  4. Memilih sekolah anak kadang rada-rada susah. Apalagi sekolah yang baik secara kualitas dan kuantitas. Saatnya ibu cerdas mulai bergerak, anaknya mau sekolh di mana nih? Jangan sampai salah masuk sekolah, alih2 bikin pintar, eh malah jadi korban bullying.

  5. sekolah dengan fokus ke pendidikan karakter, akan membuat orang tua lebih mudah untuk meninggalkan anak nya di sekolah

    kepercayaan penuh akan terjalin pada kehidupan sosial anak di masa muda

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