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waist-trainer adalah jenis korset
waist-trainer adalah jenis korset untuk olahraga dan menjaga kesehatan. Photo: waistdear

The Benefits of Using Waist-Trainer For Your Appearance and Health


As a female, who does not ever wear a waist-trainer or corset? I think every woman has experience to wear it, especially for those who don’t have a slim body, they often wear corsets at certain times.

Wearing a waist-trainer is not only for your appearance to look slimmer but also for your health. Therefore, don’t choose the wrong type of waist-trainer to achieve the goals we want.

In this article, I want to discuss the various benefits of using waist-trainer which are not only for our appearance but also for our health.

Body Looks Slimmer

My first experience of wearing a corset was when I attended a high school graduation in 1999 or 24 years ago. It has been a long time ago, hasn’t it?

At that time, all female graduation participants were required to wear the Indonesian national dress, namely the kebaya. This is a dress that fits the body. Kebaya will look more elegant if our body shape is like a Spanish guitar, likely a slim waist, flat stomach, full chest, and proportional buttocks.

Kebaya, Indonesian traditional dress
Kebaya, Indonesian traditional dress. Photo: idntimes

For women who have a flat stomach, it seems like they don’t need a corset when wearing a kebaya. Unfortunately, the shape of my stomach is not like that because my stomach is in the mommy tummy category. It means a bit bloated.

Jenis-jenis perut perempuan
Types of female stomachs. Which category are you, my blog readers? Photo: tribunstyle.

Using a waist-trainer, of course, really helps hide a bloated stomach. As a result, the kebaya used looks proportional.

In terms of appearance, apart from looking slim, wearing a corset also helps us to stand and sit straight or not slouch. And, for those with a large appetite, wearing a corset can help limit stomach capacity so that we can control our appetite.

For Health Purposes

As I said above, waist-trainers are not only worn for appearance purposes but also for health. Many women wear corsets when they are doing sport and also for recovering after injured. These types of corset can easily be found at waist trainer vendors.

waist-trainer adalah jenis korset
Some waist-trainers can be used for sports and maintaining health. Photo: waistdear

Excerpted from hallosehat.com, there are many benefits to wearing a corset for women, mainly:

1. Prevents back injuries

When wearing a corset, our back will be in an upright position because it is supported by the corset. The function of this waist-trainers can be as a prevention of back injuries when we exercise or lift weights. Corsets also help us in recovery period after back-injured.

2. Hides fat and slims the waist

When wearing a waist-trainers, the visible fat on our body will be hidden into the corset. Likewise, the fat and muscles in the waist will shrink to the shape of the corset.

3. Controls appetite

Because we wear a tight corset, our stomach will also shrink, which directly reduces stomach capacity. In this way, we can control our appetite.

4. Loses weight

Because appetite can be controlled, of course this will have an impact on our weight loss. Corsets help our body to become slimmer and improve our body posture.

Korset membantu merampingka
Waist-trainer help our body slimmer. Photo: waistdear

5. Improves body posture

Waist-trainers really help users in improving body posture because corsets make our back straight, waist slim, and stomach smaller.

6. Reduces pain during menstruation

Some women often experience pain during menstruation. One way to overcome this is by wearing a corset. When wearing a corset, there will be excess pressure on the stomach, which can reduce painful uterine contractions.

To maximize many benefits of using waist-trainer, we must consider some other factors so the corsets will be comfortable when be worn. Several factors that should be considerate before buying corsets, mainly:

  1. The purposes of wearing corset become the first determination before purchasing it, whether it is only for slimming the stomach and waist or at the same time to raise the position of the breasts? Or is it for health purposes?
  2. Choose a corset according to your needs. In general, there are two types of corsets, namely under-bust corset (under the breasts) and over-bust corset (covering the breasts). Usually an over-bust corset will help raise the position of the breasts to make them look better.
    Many types of over-bust and under-bust waist-trainer
    Many types of over-bust and under-bust waist-trainer. Photo: pinterest


  3. Choose a corset made from soft and comfortable material. Because the corset will put pressure on the middle part of our body, so please choose comfortable material, flexible and soft. Therefore, we don’t have difficulty in breathing and moving.

Nowadays, corset models are very diverse. Waist-trainer manufacturers not only consider their function but have also made corsets a part of fashion style.

A variety of the latest corset models can be found at new arrival shapewear which provides a variety of fashionable choices without neglecting their benefits.

Well my blog readers, that’s all my review about corsets, I hope it’s useful. (sri murni)

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